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Why leverage offshore resources?

Expand recruiting pool

Great talent isn’t limited to your city, looking beyond your own backyard can result in a much larger talent pool.


You pay a flat hourly fee. No need to worry about the usual 'added' costs of hiring (recruiting, health insurance, PTO, etc). Typically we see savings of 35-45%.


Employee turnover is a huge drain on time and resources, especially in major US markets like SF, Boston, & NYC. Developers in many other markets thrive on stability. The average length of employment is over 7 years with our partners.


Have a team up and running quickly. No more working through the pipeline for months on end. Teams can be spun up in days or weeks, not months.


Hiring people is a huge commitment. Our teams work in a much more fluid fashion. Time can be expanded or scaled back as your project requires.

Proven Results

We've been hiring developers and connecting teams for over a decade. Many companies around the world leverage offshore resources with proven results.

We’ve worked with hundreds of developers outside the U.S. over the years and learned a thing or two. Our goal is to help connect you to the best match possible for your team.

We can help reduce your risk and we're completely free to you.


We only recommend teams and companies with a proven track record of strong execution and agile working arrangements. When working with Dev Shop Advisors, you aren't working with a one-off developer working solo.

We connect you to teams and help facilitate a great working relationship.


We focus primarily on Latin America and Eastern Europe but have teams all around the world. We believe time zone overlap is helpful but that having someone next to you 8 hours a day isn't the answer.

We recommend developers joining daily standups and having at least 1 hour of overlap.

Absolutely Free to You

We are free to you. We charge a small fee to our offshore partners. Because we work with a small set of highly curated teams, we know them well and can provide bulk discounts.

Oftentimes, our partners donate their resources to our non-profits in the technology education sector.

We've found the best model for working with offshore teams...

  • Developers work full time on one project
  • Developers join daily stand-ups
  • Developers are treated just like everyone else on the team
  • Companies interview & choose their specific people
  • At least 1 hour of time zone overlap each day


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    What technologies do the teams work with?

    We are committed to keeping pace with the latest technology.
    Lately we've had projects in React, Rails, Python, Kafka, Spark, IoT, Virtual Reality (both Unreal Engine and Unity), using many front end libraries and databases (MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, etc). We do have .NET clients as well, however not as frequently.
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    Where are the teams located?

    All over, however we tend to specialize in Latin America and Eastern Europe. We have some partners in Asia where we feel like the teams have next-level communication skills that can overcome the time zone spread with our US clients.
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    Do you work with startups?

    We do! Many of our clients have been around awhile or have solid revenue history. Our typical startups have raised a seed or series A round.
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    Do you charge for your service?

    No. We are free to you. We charge a small fee to our offshore partners in a business development capacity. Oftentimes, our partners donate their resources to our non-profits in the technology education sector.
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    Do you work with one-off developers?

    No. We only work with companies that specialize in providing offshore talent.
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    Do you have UX/UI people as well?

    We do. We look forward to matching our experienced UX/UI people to your project.

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